Reflection Letter

Dear Miss Indah …

One semester will be had finished in PBI UMY, especially in class C. There are many learning activity had finished. We were past happy and sad together. First time, I come to PBI class C, I thought this class are interesting and noisy. But now in real, our class is quit. There are many student haven’t spirit to study. I know that we should change this condition. One of the solution is we must study hard. Yes.. always study, study, and study hard.

Ms. Indah is one of the most lecture who always give us advise for study hard. Well.. Ms Indah teach about capita and Selecta grammar. In your class, we had learned all about grammar such as: tense and part of speech (noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, verb, conjunction, and preposition).

Learning part of speech and grammar are very useful for me,  especially for speech in formal setting. Although many people think that grammar is not necessary for daily conversation, but I think that grammar is necessary  for conversation. Because with using grammar we can see level of my knowledge about speak English. As English education department student , so I should learn grammar.

 I perceive my self that I feel difficult to understand grammar, before this class. Every student have different problem about learning capita and Selecta grammar. I also have problem with learning grammar. Especially in using tenses. Sometime, I’m still confuse about perfect (future perfect and past future perfect) and in part of speech I’m still confused adverb phrase .  I don’t know, how I should use adverbs phrase. Some of solution for handle my problem with using grammar are exercise continuously and ordinary  brain for using grammar in daily conversation, but sometimes as student, I have lazy for studies. I need motivation for increasing my ambition to study hard. Yeah.. this is me, I need motivator.

In capita and Selecta grammar class, we have 3 part style for learning such as: mini quiz, group presentation, and listening to explain from lecture.  I like group presentation, because in the group presentation I can share and give argument with friend. Here, I also can discuss and giving each other solution in part which miss understand.

I hope, in the next semester we will often to study in outdoor class because study in outdoor more interesting than study in class room which haven’t AC. I think location to study can give effect to spirit study. If we have big  spirit to study so we can reach our dream.

 Thanks to Miss Indah, because of you, I could learn more about grammar and you also always give spirit for never give up. I can always improve more in each lesson because every lesson is important. Thanks Miss Indah.


annisa f


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