About my self

About my self..

Every people in the world have personal information, so do I. I have personal information. Well, here I will give you my personal information.

My name is Annisa, most of people calls me Nisa. What do you think about the meaning of Annisa? Annisa in Arabic has meaning female or women. So I’m female.

I’m from Pemalang central Java Indonesia. Most of people didn’t know  Pemalang. They think that Pemalang and malang are same. But as you know, Pemalang and Malang are different. Pemalang in central java and malang in east java.

What is your hobbies? If in your sparetimes you always listening to music, it’s same as me. Yeah, Ilike listening to music because listening to music can give me expression about my heart. Beside listening to music I also like to reading book. You know from reading book, you can get more knowledge.

If you want to know more about me just follow in my twitter : @nisa_fiizza


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