Our Trip in Bumi Jawa

Our Trip to Bumi jawa

Last holiday, when I was 3rd senior high school. My family and I went to Bumi jawa. The location in Tegal central Java. It’s closest from my country. Because this location is not far from my country, so we just spent 2 hour for trip went to there. I have many experience in there with my family. Well, now I would tell you our trip to bumi jawa.

Sunday was holiday, i got up at 6am. I’m late got up early. So i should prepere all quickly for went to bumi jawa. “nisa, lets go soon, we must go to early”. Oh.. i heard my mother called me go to there soon. After all prepare already had finished, we started to our trip went to bumi jawa. We went there by car. Trip went to there, it was not fast because the street it was damage. Although the street was damaged but we enjoyable our trip because there were many beaufull sceneray as long as street.

After spent about 2 hour for a trip. We arrived there. “ Kruyuk,Kruyuk ,Kruyuk..”ohh.. I was hungry. Then my family and I should had lunch. We had pecel lele for lunch. We felt be better than before because our energy was full by had lunch. After we finished had lunch, my young brother asked to swim but my sister and I forgot to bring cloth for swim. So that my sister and I dindn’t join to swim. My young brother was accompany with my parents for swim. Well, my sister and I walked around to bumi jawa park for relaxing our mind.
We enjoyed the day on bumi jawa park. My sister and I walked around to bumi jawa park. We saw the wonderfull atmosphare in there. The scenary in there was good condition. So we take some of picture in there. We also can saw organic plant cultivation. We were very happy because it can increase our knowledge about organic plant cultivation.

Then we continoued to play flying fox. Firstly my young brother afraid to try playing it but he really want to skim in flying fox. So my young brother skim with my sister. It’s fantastic because we can scream as long as we skim. After that I accompany my mother for bought some gift, in there we buy some of organic vegetable. It wasn’t usually because we pick and chosee vegetbles from plant by our self.

The last activity in there, I bought instant noddle. Here i have un forgottable experience. When I bought instant noddle, I got bad accident. My had wash splash by hot water. This tragedy came when I was sand up eating , and I didn’t relize that my hand push hot thin sauce. My hand was injury. I though that it was my fault, I ate with stand up.
Willy nelly we sould go home. Because it was cloudy, so we go back to home. It was my unforgotable experience.


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