Develop Entrepreneur skill

Society now tend to be passive. This problem can be seen from some of phenomena, such as unemployment and poverty. This problem appear because there are many people haven’t innovative and have high consumerism. They also more like being labor force than being small boss.

As young generation, we have to get change this condition that now exist. One of  effort to solve this problem is develop an entrepreneur skill since now.

Well, now I will share more about How to develop an entrepreneur skill. Entrepreneur constitute one of effort with have responsibility character and increase creativity. Responsibility character and increase creativity can develop since now.

First, why we should try to be entrepreneur?. There are many reason for try to be entrepreneur.

1. Free financial

You know, income to be civil employee have standard but if you be entrepreneur you haven’t standard income. So you can get more income and you can reach income as long as you can business.

2. You have a lot of free time

With being entrepreneurship you can manage your work time by your self. So we will have time of independent work, not bond office time and free from like and dislikes attitude of supervisor. Because the owner of venture has time freedom.

3.Can reach your dream

Because you have a lot of income and time freedom, so you can reach your dream in your life.

Before to be entrepreneurship, you also should have entrepreneur skill. The are step to have entrepreneur skill.

Step 1 : when first time we can communicate to adult people. It’s about 0-5 years old. Here we had learn how to being discipline, especially when we playing game. Playing game is one of style to increase discipline and responsibility for children. Develop entrepreneur skill for child need exercise step by step. This using simple exercise and consist of daily activity.

Step 2 : when we had studied in school, we know society living. The next exercise step is teach the child for manage money

Step 3 : when we had adult. So we can try to manage business.

 after we have entrepreneur skill, of course we can apply entrepreneur ship in our live. so, good luck to try have entrepreneur skill.


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