What do you thing about interview? some people likes to interview but there are many people  feel embarrassed. You see, some people fell enjoy when they interview someone. One of the important when you had interview is make report interview. How to make report interview?. Here, i have an example of report interview, so lets try to make report interview.

Date : 31 december 2012 and 2 january 2013

Place : in malioboro and home stay

Informant: Alexa ross

Interviewer : Annisa fi’izzatillah

Topic : Travelling & family

Purpose : for complete final assignment from daily conversation lesson

Alexa ross as visitor come from Ohio, USA.   Ohio is on of the big country in USA which have Barack Obama as president. When she said  “ I come from Ohio”, suddenly she remember “ Ohio, Barack Obama as president in there”. Her expression saw that she really like with Obama. She come to Indonesia for traveling nine month. She was alone when she come to Indonesia, because her husband was  passed away and she also haven’t child. She have two old sister. I think she usual for go to alone. So she did traveling alone. Actually, without tour guide. Although  she was old and she didn’t know speak Indonesia, but she really brave for traveling to many country.

Indonesia was  her family favorite place to spent their holiday. Because in Indonesia she can get solar energy, especially in Bali. “I think my family enjoy to coming Indonesia because in there we can get solar energy” she said.  Yes, from her statement show that her family really enjoyable visited Indonesia.

When first time I meet her on January 31 2012, she was eating in Malioboro. From the conversation, saw that she is friendly. After we was doing conversation, she need help for found Wi-Fi area.  And then we went to Wi-Fi area. In there she did online for posting her blog. She really like to writing her experience in blog. She have many experience for traveling. Traveling is one of her hobby. Before she was visiting to Indonesia, she had visited to Europe and turkey. She was telling little bit about her experience in Europe and turkey.  In Europe, she had visited Portugal, and in turkey she had visited Istanbul. Before she was visiting Yogyakarta, in Indonesia she also was visiting Jakarta and Bogor. She was visited Kebun raya Bogor and then she continue to Yogyakarta.

She feel that in Yogyakarta is better than in Jakarta. She said that people in Yogyakarta more friendly than in Jakarta. “every people in Yogyakarta, when I walked they always give greeting for me, although just say hello.. Miss”, Said Miss Alexa. In Yogyakarta she stay in home stay. The owner of home stay is her friend from chatting. I think its one of the benefit from chatting we can get more friend in other country.

Alexa ross in Yogyakarta was visited malioboro and she have planning to visit Prambanan temple, Borobudur temple, and also Merapi mountain. When she go to anywhere, she always bring map for her direction.

On January 2 2013, Alexa want to our help for accompany her visited Prambanan temple. Because it was new year holiday the street was crowded, So we had cancelled this planning. And then we just accompany Alexa in her home stay. She show her family film, the title is The other house.  She very proud with her family to make this film.

Alexa ross didn’t know about Indonesia culture, but she want to go to Borobudur  temple because in there have a lot of Indonesia culture. So  she can learn Indonesia culture. Beside she can learn Indonesia culture, she also can enjoyable her holiday in there.

I feel Alexa was brave woman. Although she was old, she can traveling alone without her family to many country for expression her hobby. She was interest with Indonesia because it get solar energy. And she comfort her holiday in Indonesia.


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