How To Decrease Forget

How to Decrease Forget

Every people sure getting forget. There are many cause for getting forget, such as: depression, age, food, and  have a lot of activities. This is usual condition for each people getting forget, but if we always continuously getting forgetful it can disturb your activities and it also can hamper planning of activity. Decrease your forgetful its probably necessary. So how to decrease forget?. Well, here there are  steps for decrease your  forget because person certain getting forget.

Decrease your forgetful, it not need a lot of material. We just need list, health food and vitamin. So its very cheap to decrease forgetful and it’s also simple because it not need a lot of material. Okay, lets follow this steps below:

First, doing positive activities. Decreasing forget manage from daily activities for doing positive activities which have benefit. Then you also using your spare times  for rest in the aspirate time because it can relaxation your mind and refresh your brain.

After you had did positive activities, the second step is write your planning activity list. Although we had did positive activity, but sometimes we still forget about the next activities, we will do. Then to solve this problem, write your planning activity in list and then patch to strategies place. After your activity had done, give mark on all activities had done.

Third, decrease for eat fatty food. Fatty food is one of cause for getting forget. Balance diet with  limit total calories  with fatty consume as 15-20% can prohibit forgetful. After that, consume the heath food like eat fish which have fatty acid omega 3 or you can consume vitamin which consist DHA. It will effective for increase your memory.

And then after decrease for eat fatty food, the fourth step is brain gym. Give cognitive stimulation with discus, playing chess, and listening to nostalgia music. This exercise can increase system plasticity nerve center. Do this exercise with continuously.

After that, the last step is go away from immoral, because immoral can damage our brain. So immoral can make we easy to forget. Well, do this step until you really be mind full. Some above steps will be effective if you do it all every time and you will less your forgetful.


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